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A modern park in the heart of the West Loop


the park

Formerly the site of an old infirmary, this 1.4-acre park in the West Loop community features design elements that combine a sense of history with modern, innovative design elements.


Three strong, diagonal paths intersect in this one block park to create distinct, programmed zones. These zones include a fountain plaza, a children’s play area, a sunken dog park, an open lawn area, a viewing hill and enclosed seating area.


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Chicago Park District website


advisory council

The Mary Bartelme Park Advisory Council (PAC) serves as a liaison between our Community and the Chicago Park District in an effort to beautify and utilize the park for the benefit of all. 


We make our best efforts to keep Park clean and identify ways to improve it. The PAC also hosts events at the park for everyone to enjoy.

Learn more about PACs here.

2022-23 Board Members

Joe Havel - President

Nikki Kanter - Vice President

Elise Jordan Elizalde - Treasurer

Pamela Lim Havel - Secretary 

Joanna Gorecki - Secretary

 Kailee Moss - Member at Large

Andrea Granias - Member at Large 

Travis Russell - Member at Large

Matt Elizalde - Member at Large



The Park Advisory Council hosts a number of events throughout the year to get involved in the community and to benefit the park. 

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Mary Bartelme Park Advisory Council

115 South Sangamon Street

Chicago, IL  60607

tel. (312) 746-5494

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